Alketa Vejsiu Offical Page

Yesterday, on the 8th of March 2006, Alketa Vejsiu, one of the AMC images, was the special invitee of AMC Love Radio. She was taken an interview, as part of the interviews that are being organized every Wednesday at AMC
Love Radio. Last Wednesday the athlete Klodiana Shala during the same program broadcasted live by AMC Love Radio
gave interesting details regarding her professional and private live, whereas two weeks ago, 4 members of the polyphonic band performing at the Festival of Sanremo along with Ana Oxa, a project sponsored by AMC, were the special invitees before leaving for Italy.

Alketa Vejsiu’s career as a presenter at Top Albania Radio was quickly followed by her appearance as a TV presenter. “The little genius”, “The best 100 songs of the century”,
“Mr. and Ms. Albania 2005” were all presented by the showgirl Vejsiu. At the same time her performances as a singer has been very well accepted by the Albanian audience. It’s been
less than a year that Alketa is the image of AMC, whereas her experience with this company has begun two years ago, when due to her communication skills she started working at the Marketing Department as a coordinator for the youth projects.

These details along with her future plans for the launch of a new album to be soon promoted with one of the duets of Alketa with Mirjam Cami, the famous singer of Preluders (a well known German band), were all revealed during the interview at AMC Love Radio, where Alketa didn’t forget to express her pleasure of being the image of AMC, which, as she said, does not give her only financial security, but makes her feel proud of representing a visionary company with a very good reputation in Albania.


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